Thursday, August 25, 2005

Our first cordwood building

We've been coming up with ideas to build with. Richard just read a small book on cordwood and we wanted to try it out on a small scale first. So we built the boys this cabin in our backyard.
We really didn't know the correct way to build cordwood, so we just kinda figured it out as we went along. We used clay, pine needles and quickcrete for the mortar mix. The roof is strong black plastic over a spiral of logs. There is the door you see and one window inside.

Maggie Valley

This is were we camped for the expo

We went to the SEEExpo this year, which the boys don't care for too much. So we extended our vacation and took them to Maggie Valley after the expo. In spite of it all, they made a new friend.

I made up a scavenger hunt, with a twist, they had to photograph themselves with the item. Here are some of Chad's pics.

We stopped at this museum.
The owners father was there and let the boys sit on Evil Knievel's motorcycle.