Monday, May 25, 2009

Sliding Rock

This is us trying to get a picture of Chad, I told him if he didn't cooperate I would just put whatever picture I got of him online, so here he is.

We decided to go to the craft show being held in Lake Lure, after we stopped and had lunch then went on to Sliding Rock.

This is the covered bridge that leads to the bottomless pools in Lake Lure, but it is now closed because it is privately owned and the owner decided he didn't want to keep it up and let people enjoy it.
We stopped along the river that runs through Chimney Rock and had sandwhiches for lunch.

It took the kids a while to get the nerve to finally slide, no one wanted to be first to go. Chad brought his girlfriend Casey, who had never been before, so we all wanted to see her reaction hitting the freezing water at the bottom for the first time.

This is a view of the river past the sliding rock.

The kids had a ball, they went down together, backwards, whatever. They were freezing after a few hours, but that didn't stop them from wanting to stop for ice cream on the way into town.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seneca SC

We stopped and looked at this waterfall at an overlook.

Richard and I decided we needed to take off for a road trip. We went to Seneca SC to a BBQ Bluegrass festival. On the way home we stopped at this old farmstead and walked around the buildings. We even followed a trail that took us all the way to the river. I must have been a very nice home when before it was burnt to the ground. All that is left is the rocks from the chimney and these few outbuildings.
This is the path we took all the way to the river.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comming home from TN

On the way home we took a few stops to enjoy the sights. The fog came in again early and settled over this river. We stopped at a newly constructed boat landing to see now cold the water was and to just stretch our legs some.

We enjoyed traveling on roads that ran with creeks and rivers as well as very curvy road on our ride home.
We stopped outside of Franklin so Kyle could do some gem mining. He did quite well and got a load of gems. He enjoys that sort of thing and even has his own gold mining pan.

We got to drive under bridal veil falls, which to our delight had the huge boulder that had falled years before removed so you can enjoy driving under the falls once again. We discovered that the road we were traveling on once passed under this falls with no options to go around it. Can you imagine driving down this road in the dark for the first time and realizing you have to drive under a waterfall, I think that would be a little frightening.

We stopped for lunch at this little hot dog stand and stopped to see some more water falls before getting out of the mountians.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trip to TN to work on Don's Cobra

We left out early as possible this morning to TN to help a fellow work on his Cobra. We had been trying to get out there for a while, but things kept comming up, like the parts hadn't come in or Richard got stuck working the day they were planning some work on the car.

Since we were only going on a quick trip we took the interstate, luckily it still allows for some beautiful views, like the fog falling on the mountains and the water comming off the rocks like a waterfall. Plus it's always fun driving through the tunnel.

Since we drove in the night before we got to Don's bright and early to help with the brakes. I think seven guys in all showed up today. They got the brakes mostly completed. The car will be ready to go soon and Don and his wife will be able to enjoy it. It was nice getting to meet some more Cobra friends. Everyone we've met so far have been super nice.

After leaving Don's I wanted to go buy a local cheese farm. So I punched in the address into the GPS and we started following the directions she was giving us. We ended up on this dirt road with ruts, potholes and craters in it. At some spots Richard had to get out and check out clearance before continuing on. Needless to say, we got to the cheese farm as they were closing, and we will be leaving the area, so I will not get to see the farm.