Sunday, September 30, 2007

Downtown Savannah

When we left the race we walked downtown Savannah. We went into a few gift shops and just enjoyed the view along the river.

Next we went to dinner at Vinnie's. Since it was suggested by one of the locals, we figured it was worth trying, turned out it was pretty good. It was a beautiful night for sitting out on the porch and eating.
We also had to stop by the candy shop and get some local candies.

But the best thing of the night was our ghost tour. We had a guide dressed in period clothing and she took us on a walking tour around town. We learnt of history and spirits of the area. It was a great tour.

Roebling Road Day 2

When we arrived on day 2, the cars were just lining up and getting ready to go.

Lars, packed up and ready to go Since there last race was early we will be going to Savannah and sightseeing.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Roebling Road Raceway

We got up early and stopped for breakfast, we wanted to get to the track to catch the first race. Unfortunately our directions were wrong and put us getting at the track just as the first practice race was starting. Since we couldn't get into the track, we had to watch it from outside the fence. But at least we still got to watch it.

Once we got inside, we went around and said hi to all our friends.

Here are some photo's of other races, we had a really good time. The cars were all great, no serious accidents.
The yellow Cobra in front here is our friend Lars, he drove down from RockHill as well.

The White Daytona Coupe (also a factory five) here is Rob, he is part of the driving school, he just finished his car and is getting ready to race.

In the blue Cobra is Mike. He and Sheila are hosting a party at there home tonight. We are looking forward to it, they are serving BBQ. In the gold Cobra is a guy from Wilkesboro, NC. He has raced with Lars in the past.

Here's Lar's taking off his race tires and putting on street tires so he can drive to Mike and Sheila's tonight for the party.

Kyle just hanging out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tybee Island

We drove down to Savannah after Richard got home from work. We took the interstate down, which gave us some time when we arrived to look around some. After finding our hotel and checking in, we drove through Savannah and ended up on Tybee Island. Tybee has a lighthouse and fort. We arrive just past 4:30 which is when they sell there last ticket for the lighthouse and museum. So we looked around, and walked to the beach. The beach was quite different from what we are used to in SC. It was very windy, Kyle did get to walk down to the water, but that was about it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sliding Rock

We took a day trip to Sliding Rock. Sliding Rock is in the Pisgah Forest of NC outside of Brevard. The water at Sliding Rock is 50* year round. So it is always freezing, and the warmer it is outside, the colder the water feels. Usually you get dried off just in time to go back down. It's like going into shock when you hit the pool at the bottom and your whole body goes under. Then you realize the water is 8ft deep and you have to swim back to the side.
It was a wonderful day, weather was about 80* which was great for those of us just watching. It took awhile for all of them to get in, but eventually they all did. They never turned blue, they all turned pink.

This is standing at the bottom of the rock, these railings come in handy for climbing back up the rock.

Chad is shivering like crazy.

They started going down two at a time, racing to see who could get to the bottom first

Then three at a time
Here they are finished for the day, but not really ready to get out, they are standing at the top of the rock. Cory is looking awful cold.