Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to Tennessee

This was our drive to Tennessee to pic up an axle from a Cobra friend. We didn't have alot of time to spend so we took the busy roads to get there, luckily the drive was still beautiful.

We made it

We met up with our Cobra friend and our first order of business was lunch. So he took us to this great local place in the town where is works.

Then we had him take us on a tour of the area. we stopped at a few overlooks and we saw some of the most beautiful countryside.

On the way home we drove some more beautiful countryside with some great windy roads.
We even stopped for some photo ops. We enjoy most driving on the back roads, the ones less traveled, able to stop at quaint places at a moments notice. Places you would never know existed if you never got off the interstates and highways.