Monday, April 19, 2010

Puppy antics

Poor Shelby, Axle just loves to lay all over her, wonder what he will do once he weighs more than she does.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Shower

Today Dinisha and her little man Ethan came over to help finish cooking for the baby shower. Today's project was cupcakes. We had a few issues with the frosting. I looked up a few online and the girls made them, but the never quite turned out, so we ran to the store and got store bought frosting.
Casey got the news this evening that her Great Gramma had gone into a coma. We knew she wasn't doing well as she has been on a week long dialysis. So now Casey's family will not be coming to her shower. It is too late to cancel now, she is too far along to try to plan one later that everyone can make it too. I hope she still has a good time, as a lot of friends she has not seen in a while will be there. I will post pics of the days events later.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shelby and Apples

Casey has trained Shelby to eat an apple out of her hand without biting into the core. Silly thing, now she can eat corn on the cob.

Kyle setting traps

Richard and Kyle have been making a rabbit box, they got it done last night and set it out. No luck with that one.
They also set a foot trap the same night, and this morning he had a large opossum in it. For his first time he did a great job of skinning it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More splitting wood

Kyle and I were splitting wood again today. We forgot about some wood we had gotten last year, so we had to go get the splitter again and split this wood up. Cutting wood always reminds me of cutting wood in NY years ago with my Aunt Sue, it was a bunch of friends and family making hard work go faster together. Of course, I'm sure I didn't contribute much help then.
Well, since we split wood last season somehow all our wagons have been broken and we have no way to get the wood from the other side of the house to the entry door. So we filled up the back of Kyle's truck with the wood and will drive it to the entry door when we need it. We're finally getting our money's worth out of this truck. It will be nice to get it on the road, a truck bed comes in handy a lot.

We passed this fountain four times yesterday and three times today, so I decided to stop and take a pic, I thought it was cool, the frozen fountain.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Terror of Six

I love how we have these pictures of the same six cousins growing up over the years, Look at how sweet they were in the beginning, they were all hugging on each other buddy buddy, then in the last photo they are all just standing there like, do we really have to do this. lol kids, teens, gotta love em.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Cayden

Cayden is now 3lbs, but look at those cheeks, so big for a tiny baby. Looks like they come from his mommy, and he has his daddy's chin. I know he will be a sweet baby. We have the baby shower planned, everything is about ready for him. I hope Casey has an easy birth and I hope Chad does not faint. So far he has been great.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cobra Christmas Party

We went to the Whitby's Christmas Party. They had it after Christmas and after New Years but it was still a Christmas party. As cold as it was there were still a good bit of cars that showed up. Of course non of the guys that drove there cars to the party had there wifes with them. We didn't bring ours since we brought the kids.

This black one on jackstands is a Factory Five 33' in progress.

This blue on is a Factory Five GTM

This black one is a handbuilt car that was driven here tonight, it was pretty neat, with an old glass doorknob for a shifter. That was my favorite part.

This red w/ white strips is a ERA GT40 closest kit to an original GT40. The owner of this car wrote the book 'How to build a high performance small block ford engine' which we happen to own. Richard spoke to him a little and enjoyed how knowledgable he was.

what's that Chevy doing with all these Fords? lol, it is one bad car.

These are a few of the cars being built by Whitby. The grey primered car in the back is a Daytona Coupe.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cutting Fire Wood

Mom and Dad went with me out to the land today, dad had to pick up some equipment we had out there and his four wheelers. While we were out there dad cut up some wood for us and we loaded the back of the suburban up. This should hold us for a few days. Glad to have folks that will help you out. Richard was working and the kids were all busy.