Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More splitting wood

Kyle and I were splitting wood again today. We forgot about some wood we had gotten last year, so we had to go get the splitter again and split this wood up. Cutting wood always reminds me of cutting wood in NY years ago with my Aunt Sue, it was a bunch of friends and family making hard work go faster together. Of course, I'm sure I didn't contribute much help then.
Well, since we split wood last season somehow all our wagons have been broken and we have no way to get the wood from the other side of the house to the entry door. So we filled up the back of Kyle's truck with the wood and will drive it to the entry door when we need it. We're finally getting our money's worth out of this truck. It will be nice to get it on the road, a truck bed comes in handy a lot.

We passed this fountain four times yesterday and three times today, so I decided to stop and take a pic, I thought it was cool, the frozen fountain.

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