Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Shower

Today Dinisha and her little man Ethan came over to help finish cooking for the baby shower. Today's project was cupcakes. We had a few issues with the frosting. I looked up a few online and the girls made them, but the never quite turned out, so we ran to the store and got store bought frosting.
Casey got the news this evening that her Great Gramma had gone into a coma. We knew she wasn't doing well as she has been on a week long dialysis. So now Casey's family will not be coming to her shower. It is too late to cancel now, she is too far along to try to plan one later that everyone can make it too. I hope she still has a good time, as a lot of friends she has not seen in a while will be there. I will post pics of the days events later.

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