Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cobra Christmas Party

We went to the Whitby's Christmas Party. They had it after Christmas and after New Years but it was still a Christmas party. As cold as it was there were still a good bit of cars that showed up. Of course non of the guys that drove there cars to the party had there wifes with them. We didn't bring ours since we brought the kids.

This black one on jackstands is a Factory Five 33' in progress.

This blue on is a Factory Five GTM

This black one is a handbuilt car that was driven here tonight, it was pretty neat, with an old glass doorknob for a shifter. That was my favorite part.

This red w/ white strips is a ERA GT40 closest kit to an original GT40. The owner of this car wrote the book 'How to build a high performance small block ford engine' which we happen to own. Richard spoke to him a little and enjoyed how knowledgable he was.

what's that Chevy doing with all these Fords? lol, it is one bad car.

These are a few of the cars being built by Whitby. The grey primered car in the back is a Daytona Coupe.

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