Friday, August 29, 2008

Under the hood

Chad welded a plate where the a/c would go in, then he painted it to give it a finished look. He also painted the rear end and the wheel wall. He has been working non stop on his car, he really wants to get it done. Plus they've had time to work on the other cars that have needed work as well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More work on Cars

Chad removing front suspension to add new K member.

This is Cory's car with the interior back in. He took seats we had out of another car, since his seats had a few rips in them.

Shelby playing in the yard, she was watching the boys 4 wheelin'

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Work continues

This is the inside of Chad's car, he has the interior all pulled out to switch it with the grey interior from the orange car. He has also installed a roll cage. He fit it and welded it in place.

This is the interior in Cory's car, he is switching motors. This car started out as a automatic and he is putting a 5 speed in it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


We met mom and dad today at the Summerfest. They had food, crafts, food, cars and of course more food. We tried some home brewed root beer that was great. Of course the boys like the cars. They really liked this white one, it was much better then this picture shows. We ran into Lars and Zaida, Britt, David McCain and his wife, Todd and a few other people we knew. It's nice going to these small town festivals.

A nice surprise..The Burford Brothers were playing today. We have seen them twice before and really enjoyed them. They usually dress all in overalls. They are funny and entertaining. We even have one of there Cd's.

While listening to the band, Chad decided it was a good time to take a nap. I got this shot right before we woke him up to leave.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Working on cars

The boys have been working really hard on there cars lately. today they pulled the motor out of Chad's car. Know that he has the insurance money from the other car he's ordered the parts he needs and can finally get his car put together.
They did a good job of getting the motor out, no problems with this one. They did have to buy a new cylinder for the engine lift since the last one was no longer working.

Here it is empty for now, he has more stuff to pull off and a hole to cover, this should keep him busy for awhile.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our drive home

I just love the road along this route through the Pisgah with the creek following you all the way to Brevard. We didn't stop at Sliding Rock this time, but it did remind me that I would like to take the kids before Fall arrives.

We drove through the Pisgah and made a few stops, this one at the waterfall and the one to take a few shots of the car. Of course I was the one that had to wade across the creek to get the shots. Boy was that water cold. Richard held my hat and shoes, he also helped me up the bank back to the car.

We stopped at this pottery shop owned by a local family that does most of the work. They also offer classes. We bought a soap dish to match the spoon rest mom bought us on our July vacation.
All in all we had a great time, we would like to go again in Sept but Richard has planned to go shrimping so not sure if we can make both.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cobra trip to Tail of the Dragon

We were all up pretty early and enjoyed a nice continental breakfast of Belgium waffles and fresh fruit. As we were all getting our stuff together Richard and Allen were chatting about the cars some more. I got the car ready during there chat so we could get on the road.
Allen and his dad even did the paint job on this Cobra. They claim they have never painted anything in there life.

On our way to Cherokee we saw a hot air balloon, it's nice riding in the Cobra, everything seems so close to you, you become open to experience everything.

Once we got to Cherokee we met up with seven other Cobras. We waited while they finished breakfast and we all chatted for a few minutes, but this was short stopped as the other woman got into the cars ready to go. After gasing up we were on our way to Fontana Dam.

Tail of the Dragon Ride

Here we are heading to Fontana Dam where we are to meet up with a few more Cobras. Richard was just tickled to be driving with so many other Cobras

We drove across the dam and parked for a minute, then decided to go over on the other side where they had a gift shop, overlook and thank God, restrooms.

As you can imagine all the guys love talking to each other about there cars, of course this many Cobras also create a crowd, so none of us got a shot without lots of people in them, but that's fine, you can still see what fun we had.

We met up after our first ride through the dragon to chat some more, about the ride and the cars, of course the cars. lol. Luckily I was not alone, there were four of us brave women that rode with our husbands (big kids really) This last shot was of us gathered after going back through the dragon and meeting at Deal's Gap for lunch.
We had a nice lunch and ended up sitting with Allen and his dad. After lunch everyone went there own way. We hit the gift shop before leaving, then decided to head to Maggie Valley for the night. We stopped in Sylva to find a auto parts store. The car was making a noise we'd never heard before so we thought we aughta check it out. So we took the front tire off and checked to see if anything was loose. And of course we had to do this while keeping an eye on a big black cloud heading our way. We didn't find anything real loose, nothing that would cause a serious problem. So we headed on our way. We got a few miles down the road and it started raining on us, no bad, but the rain tends to come over the windshield and peg Richard in the forehead, making it hard to drive. So we pulled over and put the top on in the rain. We drove to Maggie Valley got a hotel room at a small locally owned hotel and after I got into dry clothes we headed out to find a place to eat. After dinner we stopped at a few shops and then back to our room for an early night. Our room was right on the creek so we slept with our window open to hear the creek.