Friday, August 15, 2008

getting the Cobra ready

Richard and the boys had to head out to the land and pick up Larry's auger we had borrowed and broke. They had to pick up the bit from dad's and then go pick up a new part. Since this was going to take a while I offered to replace the rocker arm bolts on the car while they were gone so it would not hold us up all day. We had planned to head to Asheville today, but it will now be later than we wanted it to be. I replaced the bolts and also added some insulation to the foot box on Richard's side since his side gets alot of heat. I have enough room on my side I can move around and get comfortable. I also waxed the car and cleaned all the chrome and armoralled the interior.

They got home early afternoon, but by then the rain was coming in, so to dodge the rain we waited to leave till 5pm. We had a great ride to Asheville, weather was cool and made for a nice drive. Since we had left so late we ended up going the interstate, which we usually avoid in the Cobra. We made it to Asheville after dark, when we got to the hotel another Cobra was in the parking lot, the owner, Allen, his dad and a friend all meet us outside. We spent the next hour or so checking out each others Cobra's and swapping stories. We were very impressed by Allen's work on his Cobra, it had so much detail work done to it.

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