Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cobra trip to Tail of the Dragon

We were all up pretty early and enjoyed a nice continental breakfast of Belgium waffles and fresh fruit. As we were all getting our stuff together Richard and Allen were chatting about the cars some more. I got the car ready during there chat so we could get on the road.
Allen and his dad even did the paint job on this Cobra. They claim they have never painted anything in there life.

On our way to Cherokee we saw a hot air balloon, it's nice riding in the Cobra, everything seems so close to you, you become open to experience everything.

Once we got to Cherokee we met up with seven other Cobras. We waited while they finished breakfast and we all chatted for a few minutes, but this was short stopped as the other woman got into the cars ready to go. After gasing up we were on our way to Fontana Dam.

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