Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trip to Georgetown

We took a trip to Georgetown to visit family. Richard decided to take his boat and take the boys and his dad out for a ride. Since his dad is getting older, he doesn't get a chance to get out on his boat much, but when he was younger they did a ton of boating, and even lived on a boat for some time. He really enjoyed spending this time with the guys.

On a visit to see Richards folks in Georgetown we took the boys to the beach. Since it was cold noone got too far in, but Shelby did enjoy it. She's very funny at the beach. She wants to get in the water, but she is just not sure about the waves.

Monday, September 15, 2008

embroidery and found items

I was inspired to do some embroidery after ready Mary Jane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook. So I purchased the following pattern from
This Wednesday doggie is my first finished towel, It's not perfect but I did learn as I go and it was fun.

Shopping at a local thrift store I found the items above. Two purple and yellow doilies and the embroidered pillow case. I have been on the lookout for items to put in the house once it's done.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jones Gap

Richard and I took a ride in the Cobra today. We stopped at Jones Gap state park. It has this great creek, since it was Sunday there were a few families there with kids enjoying the cool water. We did have to check it, and it wasn't as cold as I expected. Not as cold as the creek Richard made me cross to take a picture of the car.

This is the ranger station/ gift shop. It is such a nice log/rock cabin with this great screened porch. I like that it's not your usual screened in room. Since we were thinking of screening in some of our porch I took a shot for inspiration.

Pretty Place

We finally found Pretty Place. We'd been here before but could not remember where it was. Could you just picture a wonderful wedding here, overlooking the mountain? It's a fabulous view.

I have always liked this gate, I said so as we drove by it. So on the way back by Richard stopped and told me to take a shot. This has such a natural look to it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Car work

Shelby just keeps getting bigger, she's 5 months now and weighs 40.5 lbs. I took her to the vet a few days ago since she still has urinary infection. This is our second trip to the vet to treat the same thing. I am thinking of switching vets. She should have checked for other items since it did not clear up with the last drugs she gave.

I set up our dehydrator trays with jerky for the guys trip, It will take 8 hours to finish. I used a soy recipe and a bbq recipe.

I picked some pears while in the yard. I had planned to make a chunky salsa, but am having trouble finding the green tomatoes I need.
Chad's interior is in and the door panel is painted, it matches great and will work till he decides what to do with the panels.
Richard and Kyle did some work on the boat to get it ready for the shrimping trip. They are heading to Edisto Island on Wednesday for five days. They are hoping to bring back lots of shrimp.

Chad decided to spray paint the door panels since switching them would not work. The other door panels are for electric windows and the blue Mustang has roll up windows, so Chad would have to cut a hole and the inside of the door would show, so instead he went with spray painting them for now.

The boys friend Jeremiah stopped by to look at Chad's car for the first time. He is the president of their car club and wanted to let them know about an upcoming meeting.