Thursday, September 11, 2008

water pumps, jerky and carpet

After months of checking and adding water to the yellow Suburban we finally bought a water pump for it. Cory and Chad installed it yesterday but it was still leaking so today they had to take everything back off and see what was causing the leak.
Chad took the black carpet out of the orange Mustang. He had to vacuum it before putting it in the blue Mustang. It still had glass pieces all over it from the accident. It was not glass from Chad's car but from the other car, that's how hard they hit.
Chad got the carpet in the car, then the dash, now it's time to hook up all those plugs and wires, the fun part.
Getting ready for the shrimping trip, Richard has been working on his boat when he has a chance, adding lights and a deck to throw the net from. I thought it would be good for them to have some homemade snacks to take along so I am marinating some meat that we will put in the dehydrator and make jerky out of. They love jerky.
Kyle had a flat tire on his bike coming home from a ride last night, so he found a new tire today and replaced it.
Cory was working on his instrument cluster, getting the fuel gauge to work correctly.

I made this rabbit hutch last year, as you can see it has weathered as I never got to sealing it when it was finished. So today Kyle treated it for me so it won't rot away. I am hoping to get some rabbits to fill it back up, but I need to put a wire bottom on it first, as this is what happened to the last rabbits. We believe the fox got to them, but one must have gotten away since we've seen it running around with the wild bunnies. I had read not to catch rabbits that have gotten loose, so we've just let him go. Not sure if it is a disease thing or what, but I imagine he is happy to be wild.

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