Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Night work on Chad's car

Chad and Cory looking at the suspension air bags and figuring out how they are installed. Chad was excited to get a sticker with them, since they were new. Everything else he's bought so far didn't come with any. lol
After they installed these they put the tires on and moved it out of the way. Next they took the rear end out of my car and replaced it with better gears and converted it to five lugs so I can put on my new rims. By dark they had that finished and put the Cobra back in the garage, moved the orange car in front of the garage and started to pull the motor out. I was able to help them some with this, making sure they were staying safe. I know I can't help it, it's a mom thing.

Here's the orange Mustang without it's motor. Chad really liked the way it ran, so that's why he decided to put everything from the orange Mustang into the Blue one. He is thinking of making a full blown racer out of the orange Mustang.
The motor is now sitting in the garage, Chad has to take some stuff off it and change out a few things. He plans to have it in the blue Mustang this weekend.

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