Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walker Payne

The movie has finally arrived. We watched the movie Walker Payne that our dog, Red (rest in peace) starred in. Look back to see pics of Red. This pic on the top is the day after we brought her home. The pic on the bottom is from the website of the movie showing the fake blood applied. She was in the final fight scene of the movie, it was good and sad to see her alive and in action again. We knew the fight scenes where just staged play scenes and she did a great job.
Another neat thing about the movie is, it was filmed in the town our land is in. The town was made to look like an older town, it was neat seeing what the town might have looked like 'back in the day' some of the vehicles we recognized as belonging to friends.
We went to mom and dad's house to make steaks for dinner. We had lots of steak from the grass fed beef we bought at the beginning of summer. We brought the movie so we could all watch it together.

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