Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Water pumps, interior, strawbale houses

Chad put in the rear quarter panels and back seat along with the headliner. The blue Mustang had blue interior which is almost as bad as red interior. So he decided to stay with the black interior from the orange Mustang.
The Mustangs are prone to get heat from around the transmission tunnel, mine sure does. So Chad insulated the tunnel before putting carpet in.
I asked him to put some insulation in mine but he said he didn't want to take out all the seats and carpet. Man can't a girl get anything around here.
Chad and Richard talking over the car, all we talk about in this house is car, motor, 4 wheeler. Basically anything with wheels or a motor is grounds for conversation around here. There is so much testosterone in this house sometimes I feel so outnumbered.
Richard and I were able to met with a local woman that built her own strawbale home. We had some questions on how she did certain things. It was a nice visit, her home is so warm and welcoming. We learnt alot from her and she made it sound easy. After 10 years in her strawbale home she was able to tell us what she would do differently, but she still loves the feel of her home and I can see why. So now we have inspiration again. Richard and Kyle are going on a shrimping trip in week so after they return we will be hard at work on the house once again.

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