Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowing in the Carolinas

Richard and I drove to Georgetown to see his dad. He has had a slight stroke and we feel we need to be there. It was snowing when we left, we were not expecting much and we left the boys at home. Since they would not like to sit in a hospital all day anyway. It snowed in York County, SC

and Chester County

Here's snow on our land. This is the first time we've seen this, it was kinda neat.
our tractor sitting in the snow, we hope to get a lot of work out of this one this year, with working on our home and land, it will come in handy.
snow on the Great Falls dam and on the sign pointing to Florence. We've never seen snow this far south, even if it was just a dusting.
Once we got down to the lowcountry, the grounds were bare and the weather chilly and windy. Richard drove me by this cemetery that a friend had shown him when they were teens. the look of it is just eery. enlarge it and see the image on the headstone. It is there naturally, not painted or engraved, imagine for yourself why it is there. One of those very odd things.