Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heading Home

heading home we stopped at the Mingus Mill. It has been a challenge at times traveling with the dog. I could not take Shelby inside, once it started raining good I waited in the truck. We've stopped here before and the man that runs this Mill told us of a site we were able to visit in a previous trips that we really enjoyed and have yet to make it back to. we had spent that day looking at old homes and an old town. we also were able to spot a few elk on that trip. I still want to make it back there some day, but it was such a long drive up there we are always running short on time.

On the ride home we went through Asheville and stopped to eat at Binion's in Hendersonville.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We took the scenic route out of Gatlinburg. It was terribly busy. It was a pretty route, with lots of trail heads leading out from it, the parking lots where so full some cars parked along the narrow road making it take even longer to get through it. It runs along this babbling creek. At the end was this lovely little shop. I bought a hand woven rug for the house and a suitcase for the Cobra. We had been looking for one to put on the rack we are going to put on the back. We wanted a vintage case so we could put stickers of all the places we've been with the Cobra.

You can even spend the night at Ely's they have three cabins you can rent and the best new is, you do not have to drive the one way loop to get to them, the road is two way once you get to this point.
There were two young children snapping beans when we were in the store shopping. That would have been a real treat for most kids.

We stopped at the Apple Restaurant and gift shop. We bought apple strudel mix, mom and I both bought a glass cutting board, I also bought dried apples, apple pancake mix and of course a magnet. We ate at the restaurant. They serve apple julep and apple fritters with apple butter. The dinner wasn't as good as we had expected. It was raining when we came outside, so we hung out on the porch in the rocking chairs for a little bit. They also had a candy shop, pottery shop, ice cream shop and apple snack bar.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We took the boys go carting today, they bought the multi pass which allowed them to stop at three different tracks. When they finished riding we went to the Comedy Barn. We all really enjoyed it, even the older boys. It really was a nice show, very pricey but we all laughed and had a good time.

we let them ride a few more while we went to the Old Mill. They had lots of grains and mixes. I bought a fish batter mix. We walked along the other stores as well, the kitchen shop, the candy shop (we bought fudge) and the pottery shop where I bought a bread bowl and mom got a utensil holder.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Precious Memories Cabin

Here are pics of the cabin we rented. When we went to check in they had not held our reservation, so they had rented that cabin out. but because we had papers showing our reservation, they gave us this bigger cabin with an extra bedroom. not sure if it was nicer then the one we were supposed to get, but it was nice. The front door walked into the kitchen table which was a poor set up, but it was a nice place.

Since it was Chad and Richard's birthday we went to the Alamo for steak dinners. We went out and walked along the boardwalk after dinner and bought t-shirts for the guys. We will buy car parts when we get home for there birthdays, since that is what they need and want most.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

along the blue ridge parkway

We stopped at this store that said dried goods on the side of it. It was perfectly charming from the outside. Inside however was a disappointment. It was like a yard sale inside. Cory did find a pair of sneakers and Kyle bought a wallet, but no dried goods here. A few torn quilts and some other old items, but nothing I couldn't live without.

We stopped at Mabry Mill, it was sprinkling on and off, but never so bad we needed to find shelter. Shelby tried to run to every child she saw. Being a puppy she still thinks everyone just loves her and wants to pet her. We watched the mill grind grain, listened to some bluegrass, watched the blacksmith and some weavers.
The outbuilding are a beautiful, they make lovely pictures, reminding us of olden times.

This one with the reflection was nice, Cory took it.

Here is the store to return to. We bought fried apple pies that were just mouth watering. We ate them time as we stepped outside. They were so good, we went back and bought more for later.
Every time we head north we pass this Shot Tower and always say we should stop one time. So this time we did. The view from the top was not what we expected, but it was a nice stop.

This house sits next to the shot tower I just had to have a picture of it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Natural Bridge

While visiting Larry and Shelly we all drove up to the natural Bridge. Larry and Shelly had gone not too long ago, so we went to the caverns while they went to the haunted house.

After we met back up to see the bridge and the village together.

These women at the village were very authentic, they still live as there tribe lived many years ago and they demonstrate that here at the village.

This woman was weaving a basket cover with honeysuckle. She talked to us about turtle stew and how her tribe has changed over the years.

we followed this stream out to the waterfall.

Richard was trying to get Cory to smile.

After our visit to the bridge we found the local drag strip and watched the races till after dark, we made sandwiches from meat salads in our cooler.