Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We took the scenic route out of Gatlinburg. It was terribly busy. It was a pretty route, with lots of trail heads leading out from it, the parking lots where so full some cars parked along the narrow road making it take even longer to get through it. It runs along this babbling creek. At the end was this lovely little shop. I bought a hand woven rug for the house and a suitcase for the Cobra. We had been looking for one to put on the rack we are going to put on the back. We wanted a vintage case so we could put stickers of all the places we've been with the Cobra.

You can even spend the night at Ely's they have three cabins you can rent and the best new is, you do not have to drive the one way loop to get to them, the road is two way once you get to this point.
There were two young children snapping beans when we were in the store shopping. That would have been a real treat for most kids.

We stopped at the Apple Restaurant and gift shop. We bought apple strudel mix, mom and I both bought a glass cutting board, I also bought dried apples, apple pancake mix and of course a magnet. We ate at the restaurant. They serve apple julep and apple fritters with apple butter. The dinner wasn't as good as we had expected. It was raining when we came outside, so we hung out on the porch in the rocking chairs for a little bit. They also had a candy shop, pottery shop, ice cream shop and apple snack bar.

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