Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Driving home from Tennessee, looks like it could rain, but we got lucky all the way. It was a beautiful ride, we took back roads through small towns, too bad we were in such a hurry to get back that we didn't have time to stop in any of them.
Great fields and curvy roads, I just love road trips.This was back on the Tail of the Dragon. I had noticed a waterfall on past trips, but we were usually going too fast to stop, this time we pulled over and walked (watching the road for bikers) across the street and down to the creek (which was marked no trespassing) to get some shots of the creek.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 4 Leaving Ramsey Mountain

Here is the road leaving Ramsey Mountain, it is 10 miles from the nearest town on a windy road that turns onto a gravel road.

We stopped in Elkin TN which has an Amish village. I love the Amish houses and there fields harvested and stacked where so awesome, it shows the work ethics they have. Here are some Amish folks sitting in there buggies. We stopped at an Amish bishops home where we bought some fudge, cookies and jelly. He was also a carpenter that made beautiful armory's and dressers. We spoke with him for more than an hour. He was happy to hear that we homeschooled and told us all about the Amish schooling and other beliefs they have. While speaking with him, his two little grandaughters followed us around, they were so sweet, with flaxen blonde hair peaking out of there caps and bright blue eyes. It was hard to resist taking a couple photos of them while they played, but I did resist and respected there beliefs.

Farms, Cows, fields. Finally after seeing field after field with half a dozen or more deer in it we decided to stop for the evening.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 3 heading to West Tennessee

We continued heading west in the morning. We stopped in the town that David Crockett lived, we even stopped to see the cabin he lived in. The scenery was beautiful and it was a clear day. We didn't run into any more rain, although the forecast called for rain all around us.

After driving all day through one small town after another we finally made it to Ramsey Mtn. We had to cross this creek on a bridge that Shawn built over it. Before the bridge was put in they had to forge the creek.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 2 on the Dragon

This morning we have bright skies, we had our tops on last night, it rained when we went to dinner. This morning we will take the tops off.

We are heading out to the Dragon. Here's a chase photo.

We met up with the other Cobra's at the Fontana Dam. We ended up with five Cobra's total.

We hung around and talked car for a litlle, then realized we should head out before the rain comes in.
Here are some nice curvy shots, we were bringing up the rear, so we got a few shots with everyone in front of us.

We stopped at the overlook, some of us continued on and some went back to the beginning of the Dragon. We wanted to finish the dragon and then we continued heading west.

We called Don and Cheryl to see if they were up for a visit, and they said come on by. So we were happy to see them both. This is the first time we've gotten to see Don's car since comming back from paint. It's a beauty, I'm so glad they are both enjoying it.

This beautiful stained glass work was done by a local artisian that wanted to do something to help with the car, since his talent is with glass he made this and presented it to Don.

We only stayed for a short while but it was a great little visit.

We left heading west, we hit some more great curvy roads. We did stop on the side of the road to put our top on after leaving Don's and I was very impressed when an officer stopped beside us and asked "putting your top on?' and Richard said yes sir and he said he was just checking. I thought that was very nice of him, goes to show what a nice town we were driving through, you sure don't get that kind of care where we live.

The countryside started rolling and along the road where these rock walls that they had cut through to make the roads, although not very large mountains, and they could have went around them. The countryside was beautiful, with farms and barms strewn about.

Friday, September 18, 2009

1st day of our Dragon Trip

Richard and I are taking a trip to Asheville then to the Tail of the Dragon then to West Tenneessee. On our first day we stopped here for lunch ***** five stars, we had bbq, baked beans and peanut butter cake, yummy. not too far from home that we could not go back for a good dinner.

Forcast is calling for heavy chance of rain over the next five days straight through TN. We decided to start with the top on just in case. Looks like the weather man may be right this time. grey skies ahead, should we be worried? I wonder how many other guys will show up for the ride on the dragon.
well, on second thought there are blue skies ahead. Maybe we will get lucky, so far we've not gotten any rain.
After we checked in the hotel, since we were early we (well Richard decided, I wanted to take a nap) to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We didn't get very far before it started sprinkling and then a downpour. It was so foggy we could hardly see, Richard was driving about 20 MPH to be safe, it never changed brightness even through the tunnels. Once we got back to the hotel, we had to hang out our clothes to dry them out.
One other couple met up and we went to Fatz with them. We had a nice time talking with them and decided for a early night to get some sleep.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Charles Town Landing, Lighthouse

For a break today we took the kids to Charleston to Charlestown Landing. It's a living history sight, this boat is a replica of a trader ship.

They also had a animal area with animals that would have been found in this area when the settlers arrived.

We stopped to see the Morris Island Lighthouse, we had to walk out to the point to see it and after a full day, Kyle wanted to pass, but since Casey had never seen a lighthouse we went for it. Again, not a good pic with my phone, but nonetheless I have a photo. We then walked down the beach back to the truck. Casey and I looked for shells as we walked, she has had this hobby since she was little and found a bunch of good ones.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Water Fun at Pawley's

We went down to Georgetown for a few days to visit Richard's parents. While down there we took the kids to the beach a few days. Kyle wanted to surf and Casey said she would try too, so we brought the boards down. Richard even wanted to get in with Kyle. I am not a fan of salt water and sand in my shorts, so I just walk the beach enjoying the kids having fun and taking pictures.

Can you see the spot in this picture, it's Casey watching for waves. I forgot my camera at home, so these are all from my cell phone and the zoom would not cooperate with me.

This dot is Kyle waiting on the board.

here's Kyle on the skim board, that's always fun to watch.

Everyone carring boards back to the truck, they were beat and hungry.

The purple skies where amazing.