Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 4 Leaving Ramsey Mountain

Here is the road leaving Ramsey Mountain, it is 10 miles from the nearest town on a windy road that turns onto a gravel road.

We stopped in Elkin TN which has an Amish village. I love the Amish houses and there fields harvested and stacked where so awesome, it shows the work ethics they have. Here are some Amish folks sitting in there buggies. We stopped at an Amish bishops home where we bought some fudge, cookies and jelly. He was also a carpenter that made beautiful armory's and dressers. We spoke with him for more than an hour. He was happy to hear that we homeschooled and told us all about the Amish schooling and other beliefs they have. While speaking with him, his two little grandaughters followed us around, they were so sweet, with flaxen blonde hair peaking out of there caps and bright blue eyes. It was hard to resist taking a couple photos of them while they played, but I did resist and respected there beliefs.

Farms, Cows, fields. Finally after seeing field after field with half a dozen or more deer in it we decided to stop for the evening.

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