Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 2 on the Dragon

This morning we have bright skies, we had our tops on last night, it rained when we went to dinner. This morning we will take the tops off.

We are heading out to the Dragon. Here's a chase photo.

We met up with the other Cobra's at the Fontana Dam. We ended up with five Cobra's total.

We hung around and talked car for a litlle, then realized we should head out before the rain comes in.
Here are some nice curvy shots, we were bringing up the rear, so we got a few shots with everyone in front of us.

We stopped at the overlook, some of us continued on and some went back to the beginning of the Dragon. We wanted to finish the dragon and then we continued heading west.

We called Don and Cheryl to see if they were up for a visit, and they said come on by. So we were happy to see them both. This is the first time we've gotten to see Don's car since comming back from paint. It's a beauty, I'm so glad they are both enjoying it.

This beautiful stained glass work was done by a local artisian that wanted to do something to help with the car, since his talent is with glass he made this and presented it to Don.

We only stayed for a short while but it was a great little visit.

We left heading west, we hit some more great curvy roads. We did stop on the side of the road to put our top on after leaving Don's and I was very impressed when an officer stopped beside us and asked "putting your top on?' and Richard said yes sir and he said he was just checking. I thought that was very nice of him, goes to show what a nice town we were driving through, you sure don't get that kind of care where we live.

The countryside started rolling and along the road where these rock walls that they had cut through to make the roads, although not very large mountains, and they could have went around them. The countryside was beautiful, with farms and barms strewn about.

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