Monday, April 30, 2007

Golf & car work

Cory and Kyle went golfing today at this quaint little course near our land. Kyle golfed a 64 on 9 holes. He loves the game. He is on a homeschool golf team. They have a conference match this week so he needed the practice.

Chad had to work today and will be at work tommorrow. We will be having dirt brought out to our land for some spots that need leveling. To read more about our homesteading journey check out my blog at

Later that night Cory decided to start doing some work on his motor.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The PTG Spring Formal

The Kid's second homeschool prom in two weeks. This one was more formal so you will see the guys in their jackets.
Cory getting into his ride
Chad getting into his ride
Me helping with the boutonniere. Sydney was afraid she would poke Chad
Sydney trying to finish pinning on the boutonniere.

I didn't get the shot of Chad putting the corsage on her wrist

We wanted more posed shots for this oneso we took a bunch

PTG Prom part 2

They went to dinner at the Chinese Bistro

We found this cute pond for a backgroundCory brushing his teeth outside the truck, at least he thought of everything

Then we stopped at this church that had great props.

We also stopped at a local historical battle ground to get a photo with the old fence as a background.

The PTG formal part III

This is the location of the spring formal. It's a community center in a nearby small town. They had a live band, video and a photographer. They had a great time, this one allowed more slow dancing.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Zoe Gala

Chad, Sydney, Emery, Addalie, Cory

The kids' first prom.

They danced the night away.

They all had the london broil except Addalie who wanted to try the vegetarian plate.

There they go..and to think it was just yesterday...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Local Park Day

We went to one of our local parks, it's so pretty this time of year. We had a picnic and a hike.