Saturday, September 13, 2008

Car work

Shelby just keeps getting bigger, she's 5 months now and weighs 40.5 lbs. I took her to the vet a few days ago since she still has urinary infection. This is our second trip to the vet to treat the same thing. I am thinking of switching vets. She should have checked for other items since it did not clear up with the last drugs she gave.

I set up our dehydrator trays with jerky for the guys trip, It will take 8 hours to finish. I used a soy recipe and a bbq recipe.

I picked some pears while in the yard. I had planned to make a chunky salsa, but am having trouble finding the green tomatoes I need.
Chad's interior is in and the door panel is painted, it matches great and will work till he decides what to do with the panels.
Richard and Kyle did some work on the boat to get it ready for the shrimping trip. They are heading to Edisto Island on Wednesday for five days. They are hoping to bring back lots of shrimp.

Chad decided to spray paint the door panels since switching them would not work. The other door panels are for electric windows and the blue Mustang has roll up windows, so Chad would have to cut a hole and the inside of the door would show, so instead he went with spray painting them for now.

The boys friend Jeremiah stopped by to look at Chad's car for the first time. He is the president of their car club and wanted to let them know about an upcoming meeting.

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