Thursday, September 4, 2008

New rims all around

Here's Chad's blue Mustang on the ground with all tires on it now, it looks good. Today he pulled the transmission off the motor and replaced the rear main seal, he also painted the valve covers orange. Richard was home today so he and Chad fixed the brake lines on my car and bleed the brakes.

This GT is Cory's he put the five stars that came off of Chad's blue Mustang. These are much better than what he had on here, they might need tires but we will take care of that. Looks like it needs a bath Cory. The red trunk is mine, the boys just changed the rear end to accommodate these wheels that required five lugs. It also had 373 gears in the rear end. The pic of it alone is a pic of the new rims and the one with all the cars are the old rims.

Richard is still driving it back and forth to work. He needs to get an appraisal for his car before we tag and title it and put it back on the road. His is the lime green one in the pic behind Cory's car. He drag raced his car for years and it has many performance parts. Since Chad's accident and the trouble we went through to replace the parts that went into it, we want to make sure this one is insured for the right amount.
We've always joked that if we had a blue mustang we would have a complete skittles pack. With the addition of Chad's blue Mustang our skittles pack is now complete. Of course we could use a yellow Mustang. lol

While walking around the yard taking pics of the cars, I took a shot of the pear tree, fig tree and muscidine grapes. Our pears are usually larger than this year, but they are still enjoyed by everyone that comes in the yard.

Richard's gramma planted the pear and fig trees in the 70's. The grapes were never planted by us, we think they came from uncle Jim's plants next door by the birds. They are actually growing around the smaller fig tree in the back yard, but because they grow so well and the figs are not a favorite we've let them grow that way.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Boy, you guys are really into Mustangs! My kinda people. Always wanted one, but have never had one. But one day!
Do you put up any of those pears for winter? Or make jelly?

twistedthyme said...

last year i made so much pear and peach butter i still have enough for this year. I also made some grape juice last year. I was thinking of making more fig newtons, that's the only way anyone will eat the figs.