Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sliding Rock

We took a day trip to Sliding Rock. Sliding Rock is in the Pisgah Forest of NC outside of Brevard. The water at Sliding Rock is 50* year round. So it is always freezing, and the warmer it is outside, the colder the water feels. Usually you get dried off just in time to go back down. It's like going into shock when you hit the pool at the bottom and your whole body goes under. Then you realize the water is 8ft deep and you have to swim back to the side.
It was a wonderful day, weather was about 80* which was great for those of us just watching. It took awhile for all of them to get in, but eventually they all did. They never turned blue, they all turned pink.

This is standing at the bottom of the rock, these railings come in handy for climbing back up the rock.

Chad is shivering like crazy.

They started going down two at a time, racing to see who could get to the bottom first

Then three at a time
Here they are finished for the day, but not really ready to get out, they are standing at the top of the rock. Cory is looking awful cold.

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