Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trip to TN to work on Don's Cobra

We left out early as possible this morning to TN to help a fellow work on his Cobra. We had been trying to get out there for a while, but things kept comming up, like the parts hadn't come in or Richard got stuck working the day they were planning some work on the car.

Since we were only going on a quick trip we took the interstate, luckily it still allows for some beautiful views, like the fog falling on the mountains and the water comming off the rocks like a waterfall. Plus it's always fun driving through the tunnel.

Since we drove in the night before we got to Don's bright and early to help with the brakes. I think seven guys in all showed up today. They got the brakes mostly completed. The car will be ready to go soon and Don and his wife will be able to enjoy it. It was nice getting to meet some more Cobra friends. Everyone we've met so far have been super nice.

After leaving Don's I wanted to go buy a local cheese farm. So I punched in the address into the GPS and we started following the directions she was giving us. We ended up on this dirt road with ruts, potholes and craters in it. At some spots Richard had to get out and check out clearance before continuing on. Needless to say, we got to the cheese farm as they were closing, and we will be leaving the area, so I will not get to see the farm.

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