Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Mitty Road Atlanta

On the way to Road Atlanta we ran by The Iron Pig about lunch time so we decided to stop. It was crowded with local farm workers having lunch. We had all this great food for such a good price. The service was even good to us. The bbq sauce was a little tomato and a little vinegar, but not too much of vinegar to be bad. I like mine tomato based and sweet.

Here are the Cobra's all lined up on Saturday morning. We parked and then walked around to see what else was there. We were able to see alot of interesting cars, all the cars that raced were in the middle and we were able to stop and look at all of them, and even talk to a few drivers or pit workers.

These are cars that drove on the parade and touring laps. We didn't go this time, but we enjoyed it last year. It's neat to drive your own car on such a diverse race track.

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