Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comming home from TN

On the way home we took a few stops to enjoy the sights. The fog came in again early and settled over this river. We stopped at a newly constructed boat landing to see now cold the water was and to just stretch our legs some.

We enjoyed traveling on roads that ran with creeks and rivers as well as very curvy road on our ride home.
We stopped outside of Franklin so Kyle could do some gem mining. He did quite well and got a load of gems. He enjoys that sort of thing and even has his own gold mining pan.

We got to drive under bridal veil falls, which to our delight had the huge boulder that had falled years before removed so you can enjoy driving under the falls once again. We discovered that the road we were traveling on once passed under this falls with no options to go around it. Can you imagine driving down this road in the dark for the first time and realizing you have to drive under a waterfall, I think that would be a little frightening.

We stopped for lunch at this little hot dog stand and stopped to see some more water falls before getting out of the mountians.

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