Monday, May 25, 2009

Sliding Rock

This is us trying to get a picture of Chad, I told him if he didn't cooperate I would just put whatever picture I got of him online, so here he is.

We decided to go to the craft show being held in Lake Lure, after we stopped and had lunch then went on to Sliding Rock.

This is the covered bridge that leads to the bottomless pools in Lake Lure, but it is now closed because it is privately owned and the owner decided he didn't want to keep it up and let people enjoy it.
We stopped along the river that runs through Chimney Rock and had sandwhiches for lunch.

It took the kids a while to get the nerve to finally slide, no one wanted to be first to go. Chad brought his girlfriend Casey, who had never been before, so we all wanted to see her reaction hitting the freezing water at the bottom for the first time.

This is a view of the river past the sliding rock.

The kids had a ball, they went down together, backwards, whatever. They were freezing after a few hours, but that didn't stop them from wanting to stop for ice cream on the way into town.

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