Monday, November 13, 2006

Tallulah Gorge

We organized a homeschool field trip to Tallulah Gorge GA. Only one other family signed up to go, so we brought my parents along.

Mason and Sydney brought along a tennis net.

Don't let the miserable look on Chad's face fool you, he had a good time. He just thought it was stupid that I made him get out of the truck and stand by this sign.

The views were beautiful. Stephanie and Jim walked with the kids to the bottom of the Gorge, but we stayed behind to listen to the bluegrass band.

You could walk out to see down the gorge, but it was a long walk to the bottom, the guys were beat when they got back up.

The falls were amazing

This would have been a great picture had he not been such a goof

This was the bluegrass band. We also went one night to listen to some locals play bluegrass. i was amazed by the talent. Everyone of them played wonderful, and they all played together just as well.

We found a bridge to walk over. There was a trail on the other side, but it was already getting towards dusk, so we only went as far as the other side of the bridge.

Dad and the boys walked out to the middle of the creek.

This was a little overlook and gift shop. We stopped to see the view of the falls below. Dad ran into an old friend from NY. How funny.

Here the guys are checking out the moonshine cars

These are old moonshiners, making some moonshine. I'm not really sure what they had in there, but it was sure working like a still

These guys were getting bored so they found some rocks to climb on.

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