Friday, May 25, 2007

Camping Kings Mountain SP

The kids played games the first day, we just kinda hung out. Our first night, Chad collected some firewood and started us a fire. Later they put in a huge log and it lasted for three nights. We roasted marshmallows and talked by the fire.

On Tuesday the kids played football, badminton, Frisbee. We took a walk around the campground to check things out. When Richard got there we went on a hike.

We thought we were going on a 1 mile hike to the living history center.

Instead we ended up on a 12 mile trail. Only two of us had brought water and it was pretty warm too. We finally found a road and with the help of the crappy map we had with us we walked down the road a ways.

We had to stop and sit on the side of the road and take a break.

When someone had to go potty and went off in the woods, they thought they saw the original path we had been on, so we walked a ways and ran into a new path, the one we were supposed to be on to begin with. It took us past this lake and dam. When we got back, we were all so whooped, no one felt like cooking over a hot pan, so we went out for pizza. That night we played ABC games around the fire.

On Wednesday the kids played Frisbee, football and badminton. The other kids we were camping with came over and they played a game of I-Never. Later the park super came around and offered to let us use the game room. So we went and played some ping pong and checkers. As we were heading back from the game room it started raining. We hadn't expected rain that late in the day. So we went out to eat again because we don't happen to have a rain tent. Jim had come up for the evening and went out to eat with us.

On Thursday, Richard left early for work. The other kids that camped with us were leaving that day, so they all played a long game of football and the little kids played badminton with us moms. The kids all walked to the creek and checked it out. Kyle found a turtle on the trail.

Us moms ended up playing a game of ultimate Frisbee and dodge ball with the kids.
That afternoon we went for a drive to the living history center that we couldn't find during our hike. It was set up nice, but there was nothing going on there because it was a week day.

The kids did a science lesson with the electric fence, we studied currents and how well it traveled through your fingers. Also if you touched someone that was touching the electric wire you could feel the current run through there arm.
We also went to the military museum and walked the trails. It was a 1 1/2 mile loop, but it seemed all up hill. The 12 mile hike the day before really did us in. Here is a picture of the kids next to one of the monuments, this is a memorial of all the soldiers that died or were wounded in the battle of Kings Mountain.
The kids' good side.

On Friday, as we were finishing up, the kids were doing skateboard tricks.

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