Friday, August 14, 2009

Annual cat fishing trip

The guys are back from their annual cat fishing trip, where they go spend a week on an island with no running water (this means time as they walk in the door everyone wants to give me a big hug) in a tent, eating lots of deep fried food ( i hear even the hotdogs are deep fried) Here are the pics the guys came back with, looks like they only took some on this one day. It was very foggy early in the morning. They did well, came home with a cooler full of catfish. They had a great time. I think it really helped for Kyle to take a friend along. He really enjoyed it and helped Kyle see that it is a good time, not a chore to go.

In this pic before the treeline starts is a gator, so they tell me. Adam (Kyle's friend) was surprised to see so many of them during the week.

For the first time, they had a total of four boys there all around the same age. Richard said they all got along fine.
Adam was daring Kyle to eat one of the hotdogs (the bait) off the line. I don't think he actually did though.

The boys did alot of goofing off and just having a good time being boys. They will be able to talk of the fun they had for years to come, this will be the good ole days for them.

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