Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visiting at Mom and Dads

 Celi enjoys riding in the little red wagon that Cayden got for Christmas from Chad and Casey. This little puppy has wandered into the yard and seems to have taken a liken to Celi so we put her in the wagon.
 Cayden showed up and joined Celi in the wagon, all though he is a busy guy and doesn't want to sit for long
 Mom and dad where cutting up some trees so they had the tractor out. Kyle was driving and of course Cayden had to ride as well. Since he was getting a ride, Celi wanted one too. So they are both sitting on the tractor with Uncle Kyle. the didn't drive cause he just doesn't have that many hands.
 Babies having a snack sitting on the floor, most of the snack ends up on the floor first.
Celi got in the car first, but Cayden was determined he was gonna ride, so he shoved himself in, poor Celi was yelling at him, but I had to take this shot before saving her, it was just too cute.

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