Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dutch Country

This building says 'First Built in 1867'

I love these big old farm houses.

This is the general store at the campground. They have a live band on weekend evenings.

This was the view from our campsite. The crops were beautiful.

This is mom and dad's first year camping, they did very well. They even want to try it again.

We stopped in Pennsylvania on our way up to New York to visit family. We stayed Saturday and Sunday, which if you've ever been to Amish country is not the best time to go. They are not around on Sundays, that is there day of worship and day of visiting.

We camped at White Oak Campground in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Our sites were right on the edge of a field, we could look out and watch the Amish go by in there buggies.

Here are some covered bridges we stopped to see, they are so lovely. We don't have any near us, they bring back days of simple charm.

We stopped and visited this Amish Museum, it had a complete farm set up to show you an older Amish home.

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