Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Red joins the family

Well, we got a phone call from a friend asking if we'd like a dog. Well, Kyle of course would love one, but I wasn't so sure I wanted the hassle. We decided to go look at the dog anyway. I found out it's an American Bulldog. First thing I think is it will attack one of the kids.
When we went to see her for the first time, she jumped on her trainer, which didn't help me any.
She had been used in a movie called "Walker Payne" it was a movie that had fighting dogs in it. http://www.ahafilm.info/movies/mr.phtml?fid=7732
So I was at this point convinced that she has been trained to fight. We were told that she was not aggressive enough. When there were any loud sounds on the set she would get scared and hide. So instead of paying for her to go back to California they wanted to find her a home here.
She was so good around the boys and really listened well to her trainer that we decided we would try and keep her. She had been trained to jump up for the movie. They also would steal her food to make her act more aggressive. Some things we would have to work on.
We had a hard time getting her into the truck. Her trainer all but picked her up and put her in the truck and told her to stay. When we got home, we could hardly get her out of the truck because she was staying and none of us had told her to. She was still waiting for her trainer to tell her it was okay to move.
A couple days after we got her, I walked into the kitchen and she was just standing there. So I had to call everyone in the house and say "okay, who told her to stay? please tell her she can move know or she will sit her all night"
She had some marks on here that from the movie(where they had shaved her and added color) that made her look like she had been in a dogfight. You can see the line down her back, It was colored red to look like blood for the movie.
She also had another spot on her shoulder that looked like she had been clawed.

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