Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amish Country

We took a buggy ride today, we drove my numerous amish farms, this lady was mowing her yard. I like how the amish go around bearfoot when it's warm. Too bad we couldn't get away with that.

The amish farms are just beautiful, every part of the yard is used for gardening, weather it's veggies, fruits or flowers
Here we are stopped at a local amish farm. They had qulits, and other handmade items. I bought some potholders and coasters. They had homemade whoopie pies that we tried.

Here's a charming family, the children are all out at the road playing.

we bought homemade root beer at this farm house.

this is our campsite, and the view from our campsite. we watched amish buggies go by all day and night long. It was very neat to see.

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