Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is our campsites in New York. We stayed at a very nice campground.
On our first night there mom and I drove to the shower house. Yes, we had to drive because it was on the other side of the campground.
We get ready to get into the shower and realize it takes money to get the shower to start. The sign above the money slot says "50 cents first five minutes." Great, good thing I did drive. I went out to the truck and found two dollars in quarters. That's enough for mom and I to each have a dollar.
So we get into the showers. The key is to get fully undressed and ready to enter the shower before adding the money. I was afraid I would run out of water, so I washed all the important parts first and finished with washing my face last, figuring I could wash my face in the sink if I had to.
Soon as my water stopped and I stepped out to grab my towel the lights went out. Wouldn't you know, they are set on a timer. Bad thing is, it goes off while you're still undressed. So I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go open the door to get the lights back on. So with my towel wrapped around me I pull back the curtain and luckily, they come back on with the motion of the curtain opening. So we were able to get dried off and get finished up. While brushing our teeth we noticed all the hair in the sink, not very pretty.
That was quite an adventure. Luckily for the guys we found out about the shower needing money and the lights being on a timer first. I could just see the guys standing there getting out of the shower butt naked and the lights go out. I could see Chad saying "Cory, you messing around, knock it off, it's not funny"
On our last morning there, mom and dad drove up to take their showers. Mom took seventy five cents, and wouldn't you know it, when her water stopped she was covered in soap from her head to her toes and still had conditioner in her hair. Not having any more money on her, she dried off best she could and had to finish rinsing her hair in the sink. Now we know why there was hair in the sink that first night.

We ended up setting up an extra tent so the boys had a larger one with more room. The extra tent we put our chairs in.
On Monday we had to go do our laundry so I took stuff out of the back of the truck so all our laundry would fit. I put all the stuff in the extra tent. It was our snack bucket and the car parts Chad had received for his birthday.
That last night Chad had to get his car parts out of the extra tent. It had been giving them trouble zipping up, so he decided since no one was going to be in it, he could leave it cracked a bit.
After we got settled in our tents and ready for bed, I hear some rustling about. I figure it's one of the boys so I yell at them to get back into their tent. When no one answers me I get a little upset and decide they are ignoring me. So I grab my lantern and put it up toward the window.
Oh no, it's a skunk and he's crawling into that little opening Chad left in the tent door. I don't want to startle him and make him spray me, so I start whispering, shoo shoo. Well that doesn't work, he goes inside and finds the snacks. Pretty soon we start to hear him nibbling on some crackers. Then we hear some strange noises which I decide is two skunks fighting. Oh great. At this point we are prepared to leave this tent behind.
When I start to hear scratching I think they can't find a way out, so I shine the light out my window again. All the while Richard is telling me, I'm going to get us sprayed, and we don't have that many quarters to get skunk stink cleaned off us. Well, time as my light is on, one little skunk comes out and runs off. Next a big fat skunk sticks his head out the door, but is too fat to get through the hole, so he goes back in and gets a running start. He climbs out of the tent, but does not run off, he starts wandering around. Luckily he does soon wander out of our site. So Richard decides the coast is clear and wants to go get the snacks out of the tent. I tell him if he gets sprayed we will just have to leave him behind. There is no way we could all ride home with him stinking in the truck.
So he goes out and gets the snacks out of the tent and puts them in the truck and leaves the tent wide open in case the skunks come back they can find out real quick that the goodies are gone and won't have to tear the tent to get inside. He also decides it's a good idea to pee around the area to ward of the skunks.
So now the skunks are gone and we are about to fall asleep. I hear my dad in the other tent yelling as something. He has two raccoons in the food tent that he's trying to run off. Luckily they can't spray you, so after some yelling, they decided to go elsewhere.
The next morning, we checked and everything was fine, the tent didn't even stink. Lucky for Cory whose skateboard was inside it.

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