Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

While waiting for everyone to get home, I took these pictures of my parents home.

This is mom's new truck, she just got it this year, she enjoys it, says it rides nice. This row of trees mom and dad planted a few years ago, they are really getting tall, you can barely see the neighbor behind them now.

The boys and I went to my parents this afternoon to make dinner. My dad and Richard worked on the land today and cut a bunch of trees on the left of the driveway for a vehicle storage shed.

I know they worked hard and forgot to bring food and water, so I wanted them to have a good dinner waiting when they got back. We made spaghetti.

We had expected Larry and Shelly to come down, but I thought it would have been very late when they arrived, how fortunate to find out they left early and we were able to be at my parents when they arrived. So we got and early start on visiting.

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