Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carpeting interior of Cobra

Take a look guys, the last time you will see her naked. So since I carpeted the trunk I figured I needed to carpet the interior as well so It wouldn't look funny. First I took the seats out, then the seat belts and the shift cover.

I insulated the whole interior to help with road noise and heat in the cockpit. I spray painted all the seams black so if the seams are not perfect the shiny insulation will not show through.

I laid the carpet out, so I could figure the best way to lay the carpet. Really the carpet in places does not look like it will all go where it should, but in the end with some minor cutting (probably because we already have the body on the car) it all fits nicely.

Here is the passengers side carpet in

The carpet behind the seats

The carpet over the tunnel

the drivers side, using my handy weights again.

see my toes, this was all done by me, while my hubby was at work, no noone can tease us because we didn't carpet the interior.

My seat back in, I really didn't get any good shots of the carpet done, but I will be sure to get them.

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