Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boat Tour, Edisto Island

Today we took a boat tour and saw some of the same homes we saw on the carriage ride, but this time from the water. We also stopped to watched many dolphin and even got a few shots, they were fun to watch.

These are beautiful houses with great water views.

This is the bridge that leads from Beaufort to Lady Lake, It turns for boats, we never got to see it though.

These were boats at dock on lady lake, we could see them on the boat ride we took, i love to see all the poles in the air.

This is the pontoon we rode on, It was not too crowded today, and with a breeze it was a nice ride even thought the temp was over 100

Love the picture of these shrimp boats in the sunset.

We drove around just to sightsee, these creeks that run through the marsh are such a nice picture.

We stopped at this post office as we were aproaching edisto island. it's a quaint tiny one.

We saw turtle nesting sites, looks like some eggs have already been laid.

They have areas posted to keep people out for the turtles.

It was a very hot day at the beach, not too many people where there when we stopped, this is the only time we where able to get to Edisto.
These boats where docked at the Beaufort dock, and this pic is from the road as it curves around the water.

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