Monday, June 6, 2011

Folk school then home

 after breakfast in Murphy, we stopped in Brasstown to visit the Folk School
 The music Room
 The pond
 stone bench, with blacksmith forged legs
 the gift shop
 lots of pottery
 love the twig bench
 black smithed items, my fav
 twig arbor
 the gift shop outside

 scrap man, love it

a stop at Clays Corner
 look what Richard found
 these shirts were great, Opossum, the other white meat
 this man owned this bug for 30 years, he told us about all the cool local places to visit, off roading, fishing, hunting
 the opossum at Clays Corner

 our highway
 um, is this a bad sign

 yes it was, rain with no wipers and no top, not a good thing
 when the windshield comes to your forehead all the rain jumps off the top and hits you in the head, hard to see that way, and on the curvy road to boot
 oh look, a dam tractor trailer, luckily the rain let up
 we need a break after all that, so we stop behind Bridal Veil Falls
the rain cooled it down a bit, now maybe it will be a nice ride
 this is a view out my side of the car, I am so low I can see under the guard rails, a good drop off here. The joys of riding in a Cobra
  • you are closer to nature, the smell of honeysuckle, roadkill
  • you can enjoy the weather, wind in your hair, rain in your face
  • smaller vehicle means togetherness, but too noisy to talk
  • smaller vehicle means you pack light, no room to buy junk

 almost home
 curves? bring em'
 stopped at Strawberry Hill for some homemade ice cream
 love coke memorabilia
 they are getting awful commercialized, not the small town place it used to be, but they are the only ones that do homemade ice cream, I tried blackberry this time, love it
 picking strawberries
 see all the peaches, Richard hates to see the ones waste away on the ground

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