Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celi's Birthday

 We got together at my parents for Celi's birthday. The grandbabies love to ride on Cayden's little power wheels, they fight over it, so we put them both on it together, it only lasts for a short while

 Celi is real hurky jerky on the power button, she doesn't hold it down, just hits it till it goes, then takes her hand off the button

 Chad seems to enjoy it as well lol
 Cayden pushing Celi in the car
 Tork came to visit us for Celi's birthday, he's funny, he doesn't bring toys to his mouth, he brings his mouth to the toy,

 Celi's Birthday Cake

 She didn't want to really touch the cake and make a mess, so Aunt Casey thought she would do it for her

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