Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Gulches 4th of July Night Ride

we rode out to the
they were having there annual 4th of July Night Ride
it was a super hot day, luckily we got some breeze without the top or doors on

 she's still clean
 the hill behind the jeep we climbed first thing

 we drove up and down this set of small but steep hills going down to a muddy bottom, this is where alot of the mud come from, we baha'd through it.

 this is an extreme hill climb, you must have complete roll cage and helmet, needless to say, we did not climb it

Kyle Playing on a pile of rocks

The View behind us

 a little muddy

 we stopped at the creek for a swim

 fireworks at dark, she's muddy now, inside and out. We are all muddy
The crew, we all had a good time
 the start of the night ride, there were at least 20 vehicles, mostly jeeps, we took the paths backwards, so it was a real difference from the trails during the day. It was going to be an easy trail ride, but we ended up going through double black and triple black trails backwards, these are the hardest trails minus the ones that require full rollcage. I was scared in a few spots, we were on two wheels more then once.

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