Monday, July 18, 2011

Day trip to the Gorge

 On a whim we decided to take Kyle and his girlfriend to the river, Richard and I had just been up there a week earlier and we were both just waiting for an excuse to go back up. The area is beautiful and if you are on the right roads you might be the only one on those roads all day. The river itself is different from what we have in our area, the rocks are huge, the water can get so deep it seems like black holes.

 Kyle was searching for the right spot to jump in, we made sure he found the right spot that was plenty deep. They had a ball jumping in together then one at a time. We asked the girlfriend if she wanted to stop and pick up a swimsuit before we headed out and she said she always swims in that's what she did.
 We got out when a surprise shower came up over the mountain. We got to the jeep and got our stuff loaded back in just before it started pouring, but since we were in the jeep we were getting wet regardless.

we stopped at this overlook to dry things off a little and put on warmer clothes. We stopped and got a bite to eat at a small country cooking place, we just love those and the food was great.
On the way home it got cold and poured the last 45 minutes home, the kids were drenched. We had the heat on but with no doors it didn't do much. Needless to say we had a great day regardless of how unprepared we were for rain. 

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