Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hofwyl Plantation

After a long day of site seeing we stopped at the
Hofwyl Plantation
It was a beautiful place,with huge trees. We took a guided tour of the house and grounds. The man giving the tour was a real character. He told us about the people that lived in the house, items in the house. He talked a lot about how things were back in the day.
We went into a room with a big wardrobe..he reached into the wardrobe and brought out a civil war black powder rifle, he handed it to Cory and told him to see how it feels. He placed it back in the closet and pulled out a civil war sword and handed it to Kyle, who stood there shaking his head 'no'. He finally convinced him to hold it. Once we got in the truck, Kyle said "That man must be crazy, can you believe he let me hold that sword, it must be worth a couple thousand dollars" which is why Kyle was scared to hold it.

These are the outbuildings, servants quarters, summer kitchen, barn and other buildings.
This is a 500 year old tree, you can see how big it is with all the guys standing in front of it, there were a ton of these huge old oaks on this plantation.

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