Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tybee Island, Tybee Lighthouse

Today we were able to get to the lighthouse and go to the top. It's 178 steps to the top. This is the highest lighthouse we have been up yet.http://www.tybeelighthouse.org/. It was 30 knots on land and it was three times as fast up at the top. If the wind had picked up by 5 knots they would have closed off the top. Richard and Cory loved it, they were messing around, letting the wind hold them up. The views are always amazing from the top of lighthouses. I've only been to about half a dozen, but still always great.

Look close you can see Cory with his hands around his dad's neck, this was the third take of this picture and I missed that.

This is the museum that can be seen from the lighthouse, it was once much larger, now part of it is a personal home, and night club.

as we were leaving the sky turned dark, it made for a nice picture though.

view of the top of the barracks, the walls were 25 ft thick

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