Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anniversary Trip Day Four

Today started out foggy again and drizzly, we drove down the Blue Ridge and found a music venue. We stopped and listened to the couple playing today and just fell in love with them. They are so peaceful to listen too and such genuine wonderful people. you can meet them here. I was so disappointed that all we had was a debit card and they could only take cash. I need to order there CD time as I get home.
We ended up staying and listening to them for about four hours, till they packed up for the day. Of course it was raining outside the whole time, but we really enjoyed them.

Richard was trying to get me to take a picture of his breathe, but it would not show up and he got to laughing after making some funny faces.

We had to slow down for this family of wild turkeys, I guess it is still far enough from Thanksgiving that they can feel safe walking out in the open.

We went to Galax and had dinner at a steak buffet and stopped at the Goodwill across the street, we bought heavy jackets and sweaters to keep us warm. It was so cold I tried to get a shot of the temp sign, but it was blurry, it read 38
Driving back to the cabin it was dark, rainy and very very foggy. Problem was it was still early enough to be light out. since we have no heat, defrost or wipers we had very limited visibility and could only drive about 20 mph. We could see the yellow line on the road about 10 feet in front of us, but that was it, it was a long, cold, wet ride home. These tops are said to keep you less wet, not for keeping you dry.

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