Monday, October 12, 2009

Anniversary Trip Day two

There was a even smaller cabin (I think it was actually a tool shed) on the other side of the pond at the cabin. We were invited to use the pond to fish, but the weather never allowed that.

this is what we woke up to. The temperature had really dropped and Bob(the cabin owner) said the week was supposed to be cold. Since Richard had been in Edisto and the weather was in the 90s just two days ago it was gonna be bad.

Although the day was foggy and drizzly, it does make for some good pictures.

We stopped at a outlook and this was the view of the Cobra from the top. It started getting drizzly so we decided to put the top up.

Here's the view of the tower from the car, it is cold today, real cold. We were so not prepared for this, I was expecting a warm week, I did not bring winter clothes.
We stopped at Mayberry General Store to by there beloved fried apple pies. I bought a sweatshirt to help me keep warm. When we walked outside it was rainy, so we stood under the porch and drank our sodas and ate our fried apple pies. We talked with three or so people as they came and went. Then we decided to make a run for it and get in the car, since we have to take the tonue cover off, we get wet getting in, the cover was a little wet itself, which just adds more water to the inside of the car.
We drove by Maybry Mill, but since it was still raining and it seemed to be pretty crowded inside, we just drove thru the parking lot and kept going.
I just love this plow field, I was able to get alot of good shots on this trip, but I also missed a good bit as well.
By mid afternoon, we still ran into fog and drizzle.
On the overlooks, we could see the fog covering the towns below, it was like being above the clouds.
See the temp sign, 48 is COLD when it was just in the upper 80s. Also notice there is no window here, that's right, no windows in the car, also no heat, so we are cold.
We went out for dinner and came in again for an early night. withe the fog being so heavy we hated to stay out too late. The car also having no defrost of wipers it could get dangerous driving in this weather. I would have liked to see more, but we went back to the cabin early everynight. One good thing, Richard installed the seat heaters before we left, so we could turn them on and warm our buns. I even took my shoes off and sat on my feet to warm them up.

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