Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip

We left for our anniversary trip today. We stopped in Mt Airy for there Fall Festival. It was kinda warm, we had to take out coats off. We were able to pick up some Christmas presents and pick up some wooden bowls for myself. We left there and drove to Fancy Gap to find out cabin. On the way we passed these beautiful Pumpkin patches, I just love them.
We also passed these, I believe cabbage crops, they were beautiful, but they are stinky, especially in the Cobra, things are much closer then you would sometimes like them to be.

This is the cute little cabin we stayed in, I really had a hard time finding a place. We usually stay in a few different places on these trips, but this one, we decided to stay in just one cabin. The owner was a real nice man, who was more then helpful.

These are pics of the inside, it was one big room, then a small kitchen and bath on the back. We just loved the primitive look of the inside. The owner/builder told us about the building of the cabin and how the table came from an old barn and he can remember an older blind woman who used to sit in one of these chairs and talk to the children. It was nice meeting and talking to him.
We went out to find dinner, our cabin was right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we had to get on it to go anywhere. This was the view when we left out cabin, the weather has gotten colder. We decided not to put the top up yet since it is not rainy, just dark. We had dinner at the Farmers Kitchen in Mt Airy, it was a great buffet. Then we drove back to the cabin for an early night in. Since there wasn't any cable or sattelite we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few videos, then we went back to the cabin and relaxed in the jacuzzi.

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